Portrait of Anne-Rose

Birgitta Vereecke over Anne-Rose Abendanon

I met Anne-Rose Abendanon in 2010, at a multicultural meeting of the Cordaan Foundation, where she was a speaker. I was inspired and wanted to make a portrait of her.

Anne-Rose is the founder of the Kraka-e-Sewa Center within the Cordaan Foundation. Kraka-e-Sewa is a meeting center where elderly Surinamese with early dementia and their caregivers can go with their questions.

When Anne-Rose emigrated to Suriname, she donated the portrait to the Kraka-e-Sewa Center so that (part of) ) her soul would remain there.

The Zwart Amsterdam exhibition was from 7 October to 13 November 2016 at the Amsterdam Museum. It was about role models within the Surinamese community with a special story behind the object.

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Private collection