In 1993 I worked on an art project at the artists' Atelier, Lindower Strasse Berlin-Kreuzberg (in an old factory). By chance I came across an art book about the sandpaitings of the navajo shooting chant (sand paintings of the navajo shooting song). I don't know why but I was drawn to their rituals and sandpaitings. This led me to this project to make 4 large paintings. Each painting was made up of 1 circle or more. Both inwards and outwards. They have become the 4 directions of the medicine wheel (East-South-West-North). Everything around the earth is our Milky Way the universe. After being intensively locked up for 1 month in the factory space, these 4 paintings emerged from. The painting of the East then won the third prize in the Museum-Haus-Beda-Bitburg Germany.


The East, private collection.

The South, price on request.

The West, private collection.

The North, price on request.