Litho’s Zodiac

My project was: 12 characters in the Zodiac.

In 1994 I received a subsidy from the Prins Bernhard Fonds, Cultuurfonds voor Nederland, Anjer funds. I was then able to carry out this project in the German capital Berlin. The location was in the Druckwerstatt im Bethanien on Mariannenplatz, kulturwerk des Berufsverbandes bildender Kunstler. It was a great inspiring location. Young artists came all over the world to carry out their projects there. I was taken into the energy of that time. The wall had just fallen, everything happened in Berlin. Before that, I traveled to Berlin, where I worked for six months on this series of lithographs with the twelve signs of the Zodiac. Here too, influences can be seen from non-Western cultures, in particular those from Aboriginals and Indians. I was inspired by signs and symbols from different cultures because they have universal meaning and are visually very convincing. In addition, nature with its constant change and movement is a great source of inspiration. Just like my paintings that I had made in Berlin at the time. I always went here from a spiral that goes in and a spiral that goes out. The moving energy. You can see the spiral as the primordial element that we all come from. Every character has a story. And by playing with the effect around the stone of fat and water, almost watercolors were created. I kept the openness with my spontaneous handwriting. After the six months, the 12 characters went on a journey and were exhibited in Galerie Korbiens in Mannheim, Berlin, Amsterdam and elsewhere. And last 2018 they were exhibited again in the Abbey monastery, Rolduc in Kerkrade.


Ram, prijs op aanvraag.

Lion, price on request.

Sagittarius, price on request.

Bull, price on request.

Virgo, price on request.

Capricorn, price on request.

Twin, price on request.

Balance, price on request.

Aquarius, price on request.

Lobster, price on request.

Scorpio, price on request.

Fishing, price on request.