Grand lady with cigar, Havana. Cuba 2018. Price on request.

My talents

My artworks are between realistic and impressionism. My strength and talent are in my spontaneous handwriting, with which I depict people on terraces or in their own environment. In which animals also play an important role. Through my travels in different countries I came into contact with what has not yet been lost from original populations, cultures and their rituals. Whether I am deep in the jungles of Africa, or walk on the canals of Amsterdam, everything has a hidden history that touches me. I display these images in my artworks. There is an inspiring story behind every work of art that I have made.
You can view my work without obligation in my studio / studio.

Gerrit Rietveld Academie / The Art academy 1986

My projects
Self portrait when Birgitta was still at
the Rietveld Academy.
Inspired by the secret of the master Rembrandt.
Format: 18 x 24 cm. 2019

Rainbow penguin (ceramic).
Price on request.

       Color lithographs 1994 Berlin

Workshop visit

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+31 (0)628 842 719